Hawaii is not currently requiring Covid testing.
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Hoag Urgent Care is an approved swabbing site for purposes of travel to Hawaii as a courtesy for the State of Hawaii and in conjunction with West Pac Labs. For test results and additional information, please contact West Pac Labs:

Hoag’s fee for a Travel Covid Swab includes an office visit and a handling fee. This will be billed to your insurance. You will be billed from Hoag for any balance your insurance does not pay. WestPac has a separate fee for their test and service. WestPac’s fees will NOT be billed to your insurance. You will receive a WestPac flyer with instructions on submitting payment to WestPac.

Important Information:

Hawaii is not currently requiring Covid testing.

  1. Covid tests for travel to Hawaii need to be swabbed between 48 and 72 hours prior to your flight’s departure time. Having your swab done as close to 72 hours as you can is highly recommended.
  2. Please ensure you enter a correct email. Your test results and important registration instructions will be emailed directly to you from the lab.
  3. You must present a valid copy of your travel itinerary confirmation when you arrive for your test.
  4. You must complete the lab registration in order to receive your entry form.
  5. You must also sign up for Hawaii’s “Safe Travels Program” at
  6. For additional information, please visit: