Season Allergies Are In Full Bloom

Season Allergies Are In Full Bloom

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By Demetra Bastas-Bratkic, NP | Hoag Urgent Care

The flowers are blooming, the weather is fluctuating, and seasons are shifting. As we spring ahead, you might be one of 50 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies. The most common allergy symptoms are sneezing, a throat clearing dry cough, a runny or stuffy nose, and itchy eyes. These symptoms can sometimes lead to fatigue or a general sense of being unwell, however antibiotics are not indicated. The best way to relieve your symptoms include nasal washes, vitamin D, showering after being outside, using an air purifier, or taking an over-the-counter antihistamine (follow the package directions). 

If your symptoms persist greater than one week or are accompanied by headache, worsening sinus pressure, dark colored nasal discharge, dizziness and/or fever, visit one our Urgent Care locations for further evaluation. 

Demetra Bastas-Bratkic is board-certified family nurse practitioner, (FNP) with over 17 years of experience.  She earned her Master of Public Health (MPH) from UCLA, her FNP from Johns Hopkins School of Nursing in Baltimore, and her Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) from CSUF.  She has worked in variety of health care settings ranging from health departments, school-based health clinics, FQHCs, primary care, and most recently urgent care. She is a dedicated clinician, always advocating for her patients and believes in the power of education for activation in one’s health. Demetra is clinician champion for patient/provider engagements and works towards streamlining this partnership within Hoag Urgent Care.