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6 Steps to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Summer’s in full swing! That means the kids are out of school and we can find ourselves at the pools, beaches, or parks more often. Damage to the skin can take as little as 15 minutes due to

Get Some Sleep

ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE SLEEPING? If you are having trouble sleeping, you are not alone.  One out of three Americans report some trouble sleeping, with over 20 million Americans suffering from

Which Urgent Care Is Right For Me?

HOW DO YOU SELECT AN URGENT CARE?  An urgent care center is a great option when you are sick or injured, when you need to see a doctor right away, when you don't want to wait in the

Men’s Health: What You Need to Know

THE GOOD NEWS The good news with respect to men’s health is that life expectancy has improved and is currently at an all time high, despite being outpaced by women. The average lifespan of